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The Open Meetings Act (OMA) of Michigan requires notice to be given before a meeting is held and requires minutes to be prepared as a record of actions taken at the meeting.  Perhaps most imprtantly, the OMA is the source of requirement that all votes of a public body must be made public.


Lawrence Township complies with the OMA by posting notices of meetings at three locations:  Lawrence Community Services Building (Fire Station), Lawrence Post Office, Lawrence Township Treasurer's office door (located at the Lawrence Village Offices).  In addition, public notices are posted to this website.



Meeting dates for April, 2019 through March 2020
Meeting Notice FY 2019-2020 -[...]
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With spring on its way, we will begin to see Peddlers/Door-to-Door Sales persons in our community.

Lawrence Township requires these persons to have a Solicitor/Peddler permit issued by the Township Board prior to beginning such activities in the township. 

Part of the permit process is to validate with the parent company that the person IS an employee and to perform a background check to ensure that our neighbors are safe.

If you are approached in your home or the community by any of these persons, ask to see their Township issued permit.  If they are unable to produce one, ask them to leave and inform them that they MUST obtain a permit or they are not allowed to solicit in our community.


Please get as much information as possible (vehicle description, name of individual, license plate, picture of vehicle, etc.) and notify Lawrence Township by sending an email to or calling 269-674-4255. 

If they refuse to leave your property, call 911.

VAN BUREN COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION POLICY 2008-01 "SNOW                                                   PLOWING POLICY"
1. Each winter snow event will be treated as an individual occurrence, due to the
unique characteristics of each event (i.e., depth or type of snow, temperature
fluctuations, ice formation, etc).

2. Routine snow removal operations will begin on the affected areas of the County
Primary Road network, as a first priority. These roads include Red Arrow Highway,
Blue Star Highway, and all roads with the "County Road (CR)" designation. The
affected areas of the Local Roads system (streets and avenues), and the affected
roadways within subdivisions are given secondary priority.

3. Normal scheduled operations of the Van Buren County Road Commission occur
within eight (8) hour days, Monday through Friday.

4. Weekend operations and/or overtime operations are authorized as follows:
     A. In the event of a snowfall in excess of four (4") inches, the most critical
locations on selected County Primary Roads will be covered, as conditions
     B. Unusual ice and/orwind conditions causing hazardous driving, or impassable
conditions on the affected areas of the road system, as conditions permit.
     C. In the event of a snowfall in excess of eight (8") inches, authorization shall
be extended to cover the Local Road system of the affected area(s), as
conditions permit.  In all cases, minimum crew sizes will be utilized to cover the affected areas.

5. Every effort within the physical and financial resources of the Road Commission
shall be made to keep the roads in a safe and reasonable condition for public travel.

Policy adopted January 10, 2008
Policy reviewed and re-affirmed on August 3, 2016; November 1, 2018

Road Commission Launches New

Service Request App


Recently the Van Buren County launched SeeClickFix, a new app allowing citizens to report non-emergency road issues.  Residents and the motoring public can take a photo of a road issue, such as a pothole, give the location, add a description, and click “submit” to send requests directly to the Van Buren County Road Commission through SeeClickFix.  


Road Commission Interim Managing Director/Operations Director, Greg Brucks, states, “SeeClickFix makes it easier for staff at the Van Buren County Road Commission to identify and address road-related issues in a timely fashion.  SeeClickFix is a mobile app that lets citizens report issues on-the-go, and receive real time notifications when the service request has been updated.  This will not only serve to increase civic engagement by involving citizens in community dialogue, but will also improve the efficiency in which service requests are addressed.”


SeeClickFix is available immediately for citizen use as follows:


On Facebook at


On the Van Buren County Road Commission’s website at


Download on the App Store or on Google Play


On line at


For answers to any questions about SeeClickFix, please contact the Van Buren County Road Commission at 269-674-8011, Extension 0.  The Road Commission urges you to, “Get Connected.  Get Involved.  Get Results.”



Get in Touch

Need to locate contact information? Find the right person to talk to in the offices of LAWRENCE now. 

PO Box 445

office phone:    269 674-4255

fax:                 269 674-4502

treasurer:        269 674-3840


Important Notice!

If you will be burning brush or a large burn pile, don't forget to call the Township offices and get a burn permit from the Fire Department by calling 269-674-8833!


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